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A clothing journey.

The new adventure the Blind Pilots have just set out to. A new exciting and fulfilling task in which they put their whole efforts in. 100% premium cotton fabrics, excellent quality hand tailoring, custom patrons made just for their t shirt collection by their tailors, designed by themselves for all you passengairs. Even the slightest detail is well designed and correctly accounted for. From the first thought and the design, till the packaging, the delivery and the after sales contact. Designers are constantly creating and expanding the Blind Pilots concept, with it's amazing colors and the myth that surrounds it. Already in production of the next design,[:-p] and also on track for the next apparel item the clothing journey is well set, already began boarding and is waiting for all you passengairs to come aboard, to enjoy our quality products, to enjoy the flight. The Blind Pilots Clothing Journey.

From now on, you will be able to enjoy Blind Pilot's new clothing collections, designs or any other products that they will put their mind into by visiting this website or our official page on facebook
Keep on browsing cause every day might be a new Blind Pilots flight, an exciting exploration,

a wild adventure.
Welcome aboard!
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